Toslon XBoat 3D Blue Space Camo With TF740 Fishfinder Autopilot GPS

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Toslon XBoat 3D Blue Space Camo with TF740 Fishfinder Autopilot GPS

What comes with every boat ordered as standard equipment:

  • FlySky 2.4Ghz 6 Channel Remote Control (Optional Futaba T6K)
  • 2 High Quality Samsung Li-Ion batteries x 13.000mAh / 12v - Enough power for 5hours operation time at max speed.
  • 1 Li-Ion Charger for 220v
  • Well Padded bag for all bait boat accessories
  • Well Padded Bag for X- Boat.
  • 2 Years International Warranty


  • 2.4 GHz 6-channel remote control
  • Up to 5kg bait capacity / Volume total 5Lt. ( 2.5lt per baitbox )
  • Standard 2 Li-ion battery (13000MAh /12v) provide more than 5.5hours running time at max speed
  • Total weight 7.0kg (with batteries & without baits)
  • R/C Range 500m to 1000m, depending upon environmental conditions
  • Dimensions 70cm*44cm*27cm
  • Special weeds protection
  • Fail-safe-system as standard
  • Two separately controllable bait boxes
  • Non-wearing and easy-to-use magnetic pin hook releasing system
  • High performance industrial engines
  • SONAR/GPS/Autopilot pre-designed. Easy Plug and Play without damaging the body
  • State of the art electronic control system provide top reliability even under the toughest conditions
  • Special handle design with rubber protection providing comfortable grabbing
  • Unique shape design make the boat appearance attractive and remarkable

High reliability

1.The innovative DSS (double seal system) technology, instead of single oil sealing, provides the most safe shaft sealing.

2.Heavy load hopper system use unique Sensor-less position control technique, always open close to correction position during all lifetime of the boat. The two specially designed hopper were made with 0.8mm stainless plate, provide a 32kg*cm torque

Easy to maintain

1.All control system were designed into 2 boxes. No complex and disorganized wiring with PCB.

2.The CCU (Central Control Unit) box control Hoppers/Hook Release/Battery Monitor/Front light/Tail light/additional two channel OC output

3.Another ESC(Electronic Speed Control) box control two motor propellers/smart power switch/water switch

4.For every possible kinds of electronic problem, just replacing the boxes


1.Smart Front Light (Unique !)
(1).The 2 front light were designed with 2*30pcs small white LED and 2*1.5w high brightness LED ( switchable via the remote control independently). The dazzling light can clearly guide you the direction of boat no matter using day or night.
(2).The brightness is adjustable via the remote control

2.Smart Power Switch (Unique !
(1).Designed with a breathing LED. Push On/Push Off.

3.Water Switch (Unique !)

(1).X-boat will power on automatically in 30s after putting it on water. And power off automatically after it was taken from water. Which prevent you losing your boat when you forgot powering on after putting it on water.

4.Battery Monitor (Unique !)

(1).The tail light will start blinking slowly if the battery energy is lower than 30%. The lower the battery energy is, the faster the tail light blink.