Echosounder - 120ft max depth capability - 60 degree sonar coverage - 455/115Khz dual beam Sonar frequency - Hardware gain adjustable GPS + Compass - 500 Waypoints - 10 Routes to be saved - Compass at boat and display side Autopilot - Pick up waypoint from map - Push-Go key (shortcut) - Propeller & Rudder boat support - Google kml import to Define Lake Boundary - Multi-Target Autopilot
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TF750 is an ALL-IN-ONE Autopilot navigation and sonar system, it provides users multi-target autopilot function for the boat. And sonar data of TF750 can be saved as *.csv file to SD card, which can be imported to Reefmaster to create 3D map. Users also can connect TF750 to laptop, and save depth/coordinate by Reefmaster or Thirdpart software